IT asset disposition (ITAD) service companies across the globe are struggling to manage device throughput while performing data security/validation, delivering on customer commitments, maintaining accurate inventory and keeping up with reporting and certificates.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) provider Makor Solutions allows ITAD, Reseller and e-Waste companies to benefit from state-of- the-art tools to automate this complex process of IT asset disposition from the start of the chain of custody process, through data security, upgrade and resale.

Via tight integration with Blancco Drive Eraser and Blancco Management Console, the Makor ERP is automatically populated with device BIOS information, capturing accurate inventory/report data and is initiating the drive erasure process to be done per customer requirement in Blancco. This helps organizations automate and secure the data erasure process, saving time and resources and instilling confidence.

“Integration between Makor ERP and the Blancco Data Erasure tools has significantly enhanced security and increased productivity at Greenbox. The built in BIOS data mining has resulted in a more accurate inventory and customer reporting. Hard drives are all automatically sanitised per customer requirements, giving Greenbox customers complete peace of mind.”
Jamie Olliff – Greenbox IT Specialist, Support Manager & Systems Administrator

The Solution

The Greenbox implementation of the Makor solution provides end to end control over the processing of assets to ensure the customer requirements are strictly adhered to at every stage. Via the Makor ERP, technicians view customer erasure requirements and initiate sanitisation proceeding to verify the device BIOS data is automatically captured as part of the preparation of the unit for resale.

“We’ve been working with Blancco for five years now, and we keep increasing our functionality and integration to expand our offerings. Blancco has a strong emphasis on data security, and that’s something that resonates with our customers.” Mark Chodos – Makor Solutions, CEO

This automation removes human error, ensures delivery on customer commitments and streamlines the building of accurate inventory. The Makor ERP validates that devices are prevented from moving through downstream processing gates until they have had their data successfully erased via the Blancco integration.

To ensure customer requirements are met, a report is generated at the end of each erasure process for auditing and reporting purposes. Customer’s assets are processed faster meaning contractual arrangements with customers are delivered sooner and with greater certainty. Visibility is generated at each and every stage of the process.

Greenbox has made a long term commitment to the Makor Blancco partnership as part of its overall adherence to providing the highest quality asset lifecycle management in Australia. Currently, Greenbox is using Blancco Drive Eraser, Blancco Management Console and Blancco Mobile Diagnostics and Erasure, which the company invested in in mid-2017. Greenbox has developed a set-up and configuration to distribute a portable version of BMDE allowing customers to benefit from an onsite process.