Finding the right software platform with a track record of success that supports your ITAD, eWaste or reseller business is essential – but without an experienced implementation team behind it, it could all be meaningless. Each project brings its unique needs. This is why Makor Solutions offers both its signature Top Tier Implementation and standard implementation support as part of any cloud or on premise installation of the Makor ERP!

Success in Numbers

Makor Solutions has put its Top Tier Implementation team to work for all of its ITAD, Reseller and E-waste customers around the globe. We have seen it all and know the pitfalls to avoid and steps you don’t want to skip to ensure successful implementation of the software that is going to run your ITAD, Reseller or E-Waste business.

Success in Methodology

1) Business Assessment

Since our customers have unique processes and require different levels of guidance and hands on resources, we begin with an overall analysis to understand the project. Given our vast experience in the ITAD, eWaste and Reseller industries our analysis can begin with what is unique about your company rather than your industry.

Are we replacing an existing system? Are there multiple warehouses? Are there 5 users or 500? Does the customer have its own dedicated project manager? We also know how to assess the resource need to write the proper project plan that ensures success according the customers’ needs and culture.

2) Assign the Appropriate Resources

It’s one thing to be able to advise, but the ability to dedicate the resources based on the need is invaluable. Whether it’s remote guidance of a project manager, training from a real person, an onsite consultant and/or IT specialists, Makor will put the right resources in place at the right budget.

3) Deliver and Deploy

The Makor Top Tier Implementation team then delivers each step of the way, from platform configuration, customization and training, to going live, and support. The goal of implementation is to move the project from education to empowerment to successful independence following either a big bang, phased or parallel adoption strategy depending on your requirements.

4) Support

Implementation doesn’t stop on the day of cutover. Support is included for the lifetime of the project.  The success of your company depends on your system operating effectively and efficiently, so it is critical for you to have quick, knowledgeable support when you need it. At Makor Solutions, we’re committed to providing a Top Tier technical support experience.

Top 5 things

to demand of your implementation:


The vendor should be able to demonstrate multiple successful implementations in use


The vendor should want to understand your culture and needs to establish all plans


The vendor should offer personalized training and deployment support no matter what size implementation


The vendor should be able to provide resources not available internally on your staff


The vendor should only charge for services you need

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

“What is your goal? Let me understand what you want to achieve? These were the types of questions often repeated in our configuration and training sessions. Instructional material, videos and personal training/consulting all assisted us understand and utilize the Makor ERP™, successfully and quickly. What Makor Solutions Top Level Implementation assisted us achieve was a successfully tailored business platform setup unique to how our business operates.”

Anthony Levenstein, Commercial DirectorTarsus Dispose-IT

“Makor Solutions Top Level Implementation was a critical component to our cutover success. Selecting the right software to run your business is important but having the right team in place to help you go live is essential. Aside from having the most complete offering on the market in the Makor ERP™, Makor Solutions also demonstrated thoroughness and care in holding our hand through the entire process. They have continued to support us since.”

Tom Fowler, PresidentResale Technologies

"What’s impressed us the most is Makor Solutions relentless dedication to continually improving their Makor ERP™ platform based on our feedback. On a number of occasions, they’ve engaged us in user testing and have delivered modifications that reflected our input. Overall the system keeps getting better and better."

Tim Sullivan, PMPIndependent Consultant