Makor ERP 2.0 Unveils Automated R2v3 Features for ITAD and E-Waste Management

Makor Solutions, a leading provider of innovative IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) solutions, is excited to announce the launch of new features designed to enhance compliance with the R2v3 (Responsible Recycling) standard in their ERP 2.0 platform. These features are specifically tailored for IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) and E-Waste companies, streamlining the classification of controlled and unrestricted materials, as well as data-bearing and non-data-bearing devices. 

Existing features within the platform enable Makor customers to meet many of the requirements of R2v3, including the automation of Cosmetic and Functional gradings ensuring consistency, Waste Stream Management with the ability to define country-specific waste codes, and Mass Balance reporting at both an order and business level.

Key New Features and Benefits of R2v3 Compliance Functionality Includes:

  • Automated Classification: The software automatically classifies electronic waste into controlled and unrestricted categories, ensuring consistency and compliance with R2v3 standards. 
  • Data Bearing Identification: Enhanced capabilities to identify and segregate data-bearing devices from non-data-bearing ones, facilitating secure data destruction and recycling processes. 

These additional features, integrated with the already user-friendly interface and compliance tracking platform, enable Makor’s customers to ensure compliance with both the R2v3 Standard and meet the expectations of even the most demanding clients. “These new features represent a step forward in our commitment to supporting sustainable and responsible e-waste management,” said Mark Chodos, CEO of Makor Solutions. “By integrating R2v3 standard compliance into our software, we are helping our clients meet regulatory requirements while promoting environmental stewardship.”