Your inventory is of your most valuable assets.  The benefits of having an accurate inventory are endless. With an accurate inventory you can sell with confidence, fulfill commitments, and better access value amongst many other things.  What does it take to get accurate inventory?  It’s a commitment that takes a team of people working together to achieve.  If this team is working on a patchwork of systems or within an environment that doesn’t guide a controlled process then all the good intentions of commitment will fall off. This is all the more so in the unique space of IT Asset Disposition.

Aside from getting a handle on inventory by properly grouping it, tagging it, and counting it, there needs to be an inventory tracking method in place that keeps it together.  In many industries, taking these steps is enough to assure accuracy.  In the unique space of IT Asset Disposition though, this isn’t enough.  Most inventory is built off a production life cycle process that is more akin to discovery and reverse manufacturing then it is to manufacturing or straight purchase. This inherent unpredictability means if inbound activities are not managed properly, inventory will end up with incomplete or inaccurate data, improper designations and in locations  only known to those who last touched it.

For companies in your space, achieving accurate inventory means connecting your sales process and production life cycle flow to your inventory tracking system and downstream tools.  Makor Solutions has been helping many companies connect these dots and actualize the benefits of accurate inventory.  You can read about these successes here.

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