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The Makor ERP™ platform has eight core modules that work together to remove the most common pain points companies in your space face each day: lack of productivity; inaccurate inventory;  inconsistent level of service; delayed time to cash.


"The Makor ERP™ is a huge source of confidence for prospects moving forward with us. We market it hard to demonstrate capabilities. We show how the Makor ERP™ allows us to enforce what needs to get done, track what was done and open it up to our customers via the portal. There are still a lot of our competitors operating like we used to and not able to promise this. Our prospects see how we will deliver.”

George HinklePresident, ARCOA Group

"The Makor ERP™ has proven to be a critical cornerstone to our growth. It has enabled us to replace the patchwork of applications and spreadsheets where we stored our company's data, and transitioned us to a single integrated application where we now manage our customer, contract, pickup, inventory, and sales data. All in all, our investment in Makor ERP™ has streamlined our company and made us more scalable and competitive company in the IT Asset Disposition and electronic recycling industries."

Mike Buckles, PresidentTechnoCycle

“With both best practices in place and the flexibility to adjust to our specific needs, the Makor ERP™ brings efficiencies and allows us to maximize warehouse space and production line usage. I have used four other ITAD platforms and the Makor ERP™ far outperforms those. It's also very simple to jump in and ramp up.”

David WoodBaltimore Facility Manager, Sage Sustainable Electronics